Al Emlaq Super Paste / Super Stain-Buster

It’s you vs. a stain on your stainless steel and aluminium cutlers – what will you do? Al Emlaq Super Paste of course.

To use, you only need to follow the following steps:

  • Apply the product directly on the stain
  • The tougher the stain, the more paste you need
  • Leave for a bit until the product dissolves the material
  • Wipe or rinse
  • Don’t worry, it’s not magic, it’s just our super paste

Al Emlaq Super Paste gives meaning to “stainless” by being most effective on your stainless-steel cutlery as well as aluminium pots and pans. It comes in the following scents: orange, lemon, apple, strawberry and bouquet.

Can you think of any creative uses? Here’s one from us: if you feel your office space is not well-kept and regularly cleaned, take some with you.

  • In between your tasks, apply a big of the paste on visible stains
  • In your next break, wipe or rinse
  • Smile at your grateful colleagues