Al Emlaq Super Gel / Cleaning Superpowers Against Any Surface

Before using the product, make sure to sweep the floor or wipe the surface to remove dust and debris

  • Add a small amount of the super gel to water
  • Mop or wipe the surface with the solution
  • Enjoy the sweet and refreshing scents, and try to avoid sliding around in your socks

Al Emlaq Super Gel can be used on all floors, surfaces and difficult stains on cutlery or clothes. It comes in the following scents: summertime, power rose, lavender twist, juicy lime and pine oil.

Can you think of any creative uses? Here’s one from us: add a fresh scent to the toilet seat.

  • Add a small amount of the super gel in an empty plastic bottle
  • Cut a hole in the bottle
  • Drop it in the toilet seat tank and flush to clean the toilet seat