Al Emlaq Antiscalant / No Germs Allowed

They call it a “restroom” for a reason, and Al Emlaq Antiscalant makes sure your bathroom does not give you reasons to be stressed. This toilet cleaner keeps all toilet and ceramic surfaces clean by removing calcification and other disease-causing germs. It also gets rid of bad odour!

To use, you only need to follow the following steps:

  • Apply the antiscalant directly on the ceramic surface
  • Apply more of the product in case of tough stains
  • Scrub using the bathroom brush
  • Rinse using warm water
  • Enjoy the shiny and clear surface

Al Emlaq Antiscalant can remove all sorts of dirt and germs from toilet and ceramic surfaces. Although it is scent-free, it is effective at getting rid of bad smells.

Can you think of any creative uses? Hint: what other ceramic surfaces may accumulate dirt and/or calcification?